I started blogging in April of 2015, with Better Balance with Beth Oldfield. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing. I simply jumped in and made mistakes and learned along the way. Last August, I launched this webpage because I wanted my clients to be able to find me easily by simply typing in my name. I own betholdfield.ca and .com so that no one can take these names and set up a page, pretending to be me. You have to buy these site names every year.

There is a creepy side to the internet. People get paid to produce blog posts and they scour the internet looking for content and steal other people’s posts, making it their own. At one point on the old site, I was getting hundreds of hits a day from the Ukraine. I do not know a soul in that part of the world. I set up this page primarily for my personal students but the internet is world wide, so my readership expanded overnight and left me questioning my purpose. Do I really want to spend hours researching and writing posts to share with my students, that can then easily be stolen by someone else, almost a world away?

So I made some changes to my writing and layout. I try to keep the content interesting to my readers but general. Until I find out how to protect my content, my posts will remain about the issues that are impacting my students in our classes.

I began this site by finding beautiful images that are listed as ‘free.’ I have since learned that no images are free and you cannot simply take any image off of the internet and make it your own. When you take an image from a site to enhance your post, it contains an embedded code and then bots are sent out to search for that image. If you are caught having a image without permission, meaning you did not buy it, you can be fined for every day that it has been on your site. This can add up to thousands of dollars in fines. The images that you see in the featured posts have been paid for but I no longer use other people’s images and use my own photo instead. Nothing is free and I should have known this!

People have said to me for years, “make an exercise video and write a book.” While I have been working on my book, I have learned that self publishing is quite expensive. I am trying to find the least expensive way to get my content to my readers. Digital books are very cheap to produce but then again, you have to select the right format and you have to hire professionals to make certain that it will ‘show’ well across all types of devices, from phones to tablets to computers and laptops. As far as making a video is concerned that is very expensive as well. You have to pay for the right to use the music and then you have to hire specialists to make certain that the quality is good.

So though these projects are slow to come to fruition, this is only because I am trying to do it right and keep the cost down.

Until then, I continue to publish posts twice a week. I am very proud of this site and I love to being in communication with my students.

Thank you for reading weekly!