I get asked for my opinion on all things related to fitness and I try my best to give honest advice. This week someone asked me about Zumba.

I am not a Zumba teacher but I have tried it five times with four different teachers and it simply was not my cup of tea. What I have learned is that every teacher approaches the class differently, so it is best to try a number of classes to find one that you like.

My primary concern is for people’s knees and hips. In my experience there are a lot of twisting moves that take place with the foot planted. People are usually in gym shoes which are not meant to slip and because the music is often upbeat and fast, the risk is quite high that injuries will occur. I have two clients who wrecked their knees in Zumba, and they were in great physical condition before they started.

My advice is to speak to the teacher beforehand if you have bad knees or hips. Perhaps they can offer you some alternative moves to twisting. And remember that variety is the key to staying injury free. Try to vary your exercise routine to avoid overuse injuries.

There is risk inherent in any fitness class so I am not suggesting that you avoid Zumba altogether but if have weak knees or if you already have knee pain, you need to be more careful and aware that it is a dance class and there will be quick transitions that could negatively affect your situation.

While there are great Zumba teachers out there, keep in mind that Zumba teachers are not necessarily Fitness Professionals. The training required to be a Zumba teacher is not as extensive as the training needed to become a personal trainer or a fitness instructor. If you can find a certified fitness instructor who is also teaching Zumba, that would be the best combination.

This is just my honest opinion. Have fun and be safe!

See you soon,