Apparently yesterday was the International Day of Older Persons. How did you celebrate?

I had no idea that there was an annual day devoted to celebrating seniors but it happens every October 1st.

It was created by the United Nations General Assembly and the first one was celebrated in 1991. This year the theme for the International Day of Older Persons was “Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of older persons in Society.”

I have often mentioned to you that I do not see age when look out upon the students in my classes. Instead I see many retired professionals from all different backgrounds, who finally having the time to dedicate to their own health. Once more these individuals are incredibly busy volunteering in their communities and helping their families.

I have several nurses in my midst and former teachers. I have had the pleasure of training former pilots; members of the British navy and doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and dental hygenists. Most of my students are now grandparents and they miss quite a few classes because they help their kids by babysitting whenever needed. A number of former teachers get called back into sub regularly and one former editor just can’t seem to fully retire as new projects keep popping up into her life.

I am in awe of your talents and the energy that you bring to classes each day. Some of you are facing health struggles right and some of you probably feel older than you actually are but I want you to know that I see the unique contribultion that you bring to society. I love hearing your wisdoms. I get all kinds of wonderful advice and though I am often in a hurry, I hope that you know how much I appreciate the time that you take to speak to me and share you thoughts.

You are all so busy, sometimes I worry about retirement! It can be hard to nail many of you down as you fly between activities. Seniors are among the busiest people I know and they have the most to contribute to our society. I hope that my classes will keep you in shape so that you can continue to play an active part in your social circles.

Next year lets celebrate International Day of Older Persons together!

See you soon,