This week two of my students, who attend classes regularly, learned that despite years of training they may be facing disease. I can hear those who don’t workout ready with their defense. “You see, he or she ate well, exercised daily in a gym, didn’t smoke or drink and they still got sick!. Why bother exercising?”

As we know there are no guarantees in life. The reason that I myself decided to hit the gym over 25 years ago was that my parents both lived with heart disease, and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid suffering the same fate. I fell in love with aerobics and before I knew it I had signed up to become a fitness instructor. In fact, most people come to love the way that exercise makes them feel and then it is not only about getting healthy.

It’s definately heart breaking to learn that something is wrong with our body when we work so hard to protect it but I want my students to remember that because you have chosen to strengthen your muscles over crashing on the couch, because you have risen early to battle the elements to make it to your yoga class and because you have sweated it out in interval training, you are better equipped to face these health challenges. You have prepared your body for battle. Your heart and muscles are well tuned and ready to beat the disease.

What I know for sure is that the students who are already in shape recover much faster than those who have never put their body to the test. You are used to discomfort because of training. You are better able to face adversity because you know your body so well. Your body is used to the cycle of repair and recovery. You know that pain is temporary and can be beat with the proper mental attitude.

Stay positive. I am proud of you and know that you will handle this new challenge just fine.!

See you soon,