Sometimes I forget just how hard it can be to get ourselves to exercise class in the Winter months, and I am saying this when I am about to turn 50, not 75 or 85!

The program that I teach in is designed for clients 50 years old and older but in reality, people between 50 and 60 are often still working. As a result, my classes are populated with older adults who are extremely fit and dedicated to their fitness classes. They rarely miss class, even in poor winter weather.

This week we have seen it all; snow, rain and lots of ice. Frigid temperatures of -20 up to plus 6!

I figured that since the weather was warmer yesterday that the gym would be packed but then I had to get to my car! My long driveway was a skating rink and simply getting out the front door and to the car was very risky. I am fairly nimble but some of my clients may not be and the mere fact that they managed to make it class, in all of this crazy weather, amazes me.

So I want to tell you how proud I am of you for taking charge of your health. You know the benefits of exercise and you also know how quickly we can get out of shape. I have the best students!!


Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon.