I would love to be able to say that students originally show up in my fitness classes because they LOVE working out! The truth is most people turn to exercise when their doctor tells them that they need to either lose weight or strength train. My goal is to make the experience of fitness enjoyable so that my participants will commit to attending. This will improve their chance for success!

I actually feel as though I am in the repair business, trying to help people ‘fix’ their bodies. People come up to me regularly and grab their belly or the skin under their arms or their inner thighs or buttocks and say, “can you fix this?”

I’m happy to help and I love seeing people transform themselves through dedication, hard work and determination! Yes, it is possible to have a positive effect on your health and I love that doctors are prescribing fitness as medicine because in my opinion it is the best option.

Even when we feel that we are in shape, injuries can suddenly appear, seemingly out of the blue. I hear the following almost weekly, “I don’t get it. I have been doing this same activity for years with no problem but now I can’t!”

Just because we are in good shape does not mean that we will never get injured. I also have to help people understand that change is part of living a healthy life. We cannot expect our bodies to stay in top shape, if we don’t train all of the components of fitness equally. We need to train our cardiorespiratory system, our muscular strength and flexibility in a well balanced fashion and our menatl health as well because when one of these systems weakens, we put ourself at risk for injury.

We can’t always do the same classes and expect the same positive results that we experienced initially. We have to switch up what we are doing regularly to keep our bodies balanced. Moving our bodies in activities that favour just front and backwards movements can result in weaknesses in all of the muscles that are not being used to their true potential. So I get people complaining that they cannot do “xyz” like they used to and I have to remind them that variety is the key to great health. Change is necessary even if it is unwanted.

I myself am dealing with an injury that needs some repair. This minor issue came up five years ago and I have done my best to deal with it successfully but now I realize that I need to change my approach. We are getting older even though we feel great 99% of the time. They key is to listen when our body speaks to us through various aches and pains and make adjustments right away.

I love being in the repair business. We can fix most problems with fitness. Your dedication will pull you through!

See you next week.