Those were her words, not mine, as Lady X, a newly acquired friend of mine wolfed down her second piece of pie. She looked at me and asked me if I ever eat dessert.  If you know me, you know that I do not hold back on food, especially dessert!  I used to make wedding cakes and birthday cakes for money as a part time business and that involves a real passion for both baking and eating!  In all fairness though, it takes a bit less to fill me up so I often get accused of restricting my diet.

For some reason, people who barely know me, feel the need to confess to me their dietary sins. On many occasions people have become quite defensive about their food choices and lifestyle with absolutely no provoking from me whatsoever. “Oh, you are a trainer? Well let me tell you….”

Most of the time I can wiggle out of the conversation and direct it in the appropriate direction.  On this particular visit with Lady X however, it seemed to be her mission to prove to me, that even though I had not asked about her happiness level or even her weight, she was indeed a much happier person being fat.

I do not judge people as being fat or thin. I look at the overall picture of a person but this individual was carrying a dangerous amount of weight around her middle, she herself would have no problem telling you this. To be clear, we were meeting about something entirely unrelated to fitness and weight loss.

I did manage to put the conversation back onto the subject at hand but I did not really address her beliefs that losing the weight, made her miserable. Her position is not unique. I have heard it before from other people who feel that it sucks to eat a healthy diet.  These people maintain that there is no joy in eating salad.  I am laughing as I write this because it always takes me by surprise. It is funny how we now associate happiness with the pleasure we derive from physically eating our food. Instead of eating for nourishment, it is all about the experience of eating.

I would argue that if you feel similar to Lady X, that it is not the weight around your middle that is making you unhappy. Something much deeper is causing you to feel down or sad and those feelings that you are avoiding, is the reason that you are reaching for the dessert or whatever vice you have chosen to push the emotions aside. It is the ultimate game of distraction. “Oh I feel sad about….oooo look, pecan pie!”

People have to be ready to deal with the emotional baggage that causes us to overeat and overindulge. As a trainer, I can put you on a program and I can help you to lose the weight but only  if you are 100% on board with healing yourself inside and out.

The choice is yours. 

Take steps today toward developing a total care plan for yourself. This can be as simple as heading to the bookstore and picking up a book. Maybe you can join a meditation class. The step need not be huge.

I have told you before that you have to nourish the mind, the body and the soul. It is all related. When one area is out of balance you need to face it head on to make lasting changes in your health.

Have a great day!!!