There is a certain amount of discomfort that we must endure in order to get into shape but if you’re experiencing intense pain during your workouts then we need to talk. You can’t possibly focus on proper posture and technique when your brain is sending you pain messages and that worries me because this puts you at risk for injury in your back, knees and shoulders.

There is a certain amount of bravado that occurs in a group fitness class. No one wants to look like they need to stop even if they’re hurting but I encourage you to seek out ways to exercise pain free so that you can get the most out of your training session. For instance, one of my clients has been experiencing foot pain lately for various reasons. I suggested doing most of her workout from a seated position so that she could then be mindful of posture and focus on working her upper body muscles well, until her foot issues go away.

I don’t want people to stop exercising altogether because it’s too easy to fall out of a fitness routine and lose the benefits that we have gained. Instead, I encourage the use of props like thera-bands to lift your leg when you need to pull it behind you to do a quadriceps stretch if your shoulder or knee is bothering you; yoga blocks to lift your buttocks higher off of the ground so that you can take the pressure off your lower back when in a seated position on the floor, or the block can help you to reach the floor when you’re doing a standing forward fold. You can place a cushion under your head to relieve neck pain during your mat work and you can do almost any upper body exercise effectively while seated in a chair if you have a knee, hip or leg injury.

We need to keep moving but we need to be smart about it. It’s normal to feel that fitness is difficult but if the only thought you’re having while exercising is how painful it is then speak to me to see if I can help to relieve your discomfort. Ultimately you should feel better after a workout, not worse.

Let me know how I can help.

See you soon,