Sometimes we’re so focused on the end goal that we forget to look back at all that we’ve achieved a long the way. Look how far you have come on your fitness journey this session.

I’ve seen a vast improvement in those students who are consistent in their attendance. Your confidence level has soared. You’re carrying yourself differently than when you first walked into class. Your balance has improved along with your strength and flexibility. Those of you looking to lose weight have seen success. I notice that your clothes are fitting differently. Many of you have told me that you still have a long way to go before you lose all of the weight but I want you to recognize and be proud of what you have accomplished thus far!

Those of you in my aerobic/choreography classes are now comfortable with the new moves and dances. Remember how hard some of the new steps were six weeks ago? Well you’re now thriving and focusing on your posture and having fun while your body burns calories. Congratulations.

Progress toward our fitness goals can seem slow but I have a front row seat to your success and it’s what motivates me to keep coming to work. I’m proud of all that my students have achieved in the last six weeks and you should be too!


Have a wonderful day and see you soon,