I teach several classes and see over 100 students a day. I do my best to connect with as many people as I can while delivering quality programming, in a timely manner. Most of my classes are fifty-five minutes long and back to back, so there is not a lot of time for personal conversations but I do my best to make myself available to those students with burning questions or comments.

My message today is simple. I see you even though I may not be able to talk with you personally.

I see the progress that you are making in your fitness training but I also notice when you are tired or feeling down. Most of the time my classes give off a positive energy and everyone is happy to be together. There are days when the energy is low and most of the time this is connected to global events or local news items. My challenge is to avoid soaking up negative vibes like a sponge because this makes it harder for me to do my job. So though I see you and often feel your presence, I do have to maintain some distance because it’s my job to lift you out of your thoughts and concerns and help you to focus on the task at hand – getting fit!

The greatest gift that you can give to yourself when you are training is to focus solely on the moment. Focus on your breath, your posture and the mechanics of the exercise. When the class is over, you will feel refreshed and hopefully energized differently than when you walked in.

There will no blog on Victoria Day. I will be taking the day off and enjoying the long, holiday weekend.

See you soon,