My students are very active individuals. In the winter many of them are on the slopes or snowshoeing etc. Yesterday, one of my students walked up to me and made it quite clear, that she was only present because the weather was not conducive to outside fun. While I laughed and said that I was glad she was joining the class, I must let you all know that it is still important to workout formally, even though you take part in physical activities.

 I lose many people every summer because of golf and then a few because of the ski season. My only fear when this happens, is the lack of stretching, and formal training that is not happening for key areas of the body such as the back and abdominals.

If you must leave us for months at a time, remember to try to do a formal workout at least three times per week, to keep all of your muscles in good shape. I am not sure why people cannot commit to keeping their fitness routines going, despite the various sports that change with the season.

I have clients who will not miss their workout even if job demands it.  Those individuals make sure that their workplace honours their commitment to their health. I just wish that everyone would do this, even when they are retired.

I am told constantly that retirement gives us the freedom to do what we want, when we want.  The choice is ours, no matter our age.

See you soon,