Our balance can be off for many reasons. Sometimes we are taking a prescribed medication that makes us slightly dizzy. Our ears may be blocked or impaired in some way or our vision may.

While there are a number of reasons our balance can be poor, I would argue that for most people it is because they do not practice being off balance.

During dance classes our balance gets challenged frequently as we are often on one leg to kick forward for example and that is when I tend to see people’s abilities.

If we never practice being on one leg we can be under the impression that our balance is wonderful, when in reality we might be at risk for falling.

So stand up right now.

Lift one knee even with your hip and hold. Then try doing it on the other leg. If this is easy, try doing it again while closing one eye and then both and see if you are able to keep standing tall.

I encourage you to address any balance issues as soon as possible and to incorporate balance training into your fitness regime. I get my students to stand on one leg while doing bicep curls for instance. We spend a bit of time each yoga class on one leg in various postures.

When you are on one leg, you are training your stabilizing muscles to kick in and be active. When these muscles are in good shape, you are less at risk for falls and serious secondary injuries.

Get on one leg today!

See you soon,