Recently I learned of the passing of one of my students, whom I had not seen regularly in my classes for quite some time.  She was only 69 years old and apparently she died from a stroke. I do know that her husband had passed away in February and that these past few months had been very difficult for her.

When we learn of a tragedy such as this, it forces us to stop and evaluate our lives.

We cannot know what the future holds regarding our health or the health of our loved ones. I believe that when we are capable of designing our days, we should put as much fun and love and joy in each moment as we possibly can.

If today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it? 

I am only asking the question to get you to think about how you are spending your time versus how you would LOVE to spend your time. Many of us have to work and we have lots of responsibilities that we have to honor throughout the day, however I am sure that if you discovered you had only so long to live, that you would make adjustments to your schedule to fit in visits with friends etc.

So why do we wait to live fully, when waiting to do the things that we love, could result in us never getting the chance to live the way we want to?

In learning of this lady’s passing, I woke up this morning thinking that I have to make a few changes to my routine so that I can do some of the things that I would do if today was my last day. For instance, when I leave work I rush into a wall of cars and inch along at 20 km an hour for over an hour to make my way home.  Starting today, I am going to pick up a lovely snack and head down by the lake. I will get some beach time in while the traffic clears and I will be doing something that I love.  This is just a small change but it will result in me feeling happier and more joyful.

I also got off the highway yesterday morning and took the lake shore road all the way to work.  It takes me the same amount of time as it would if I sat in traffic inching along, as it does to drive 40km by the lake.

I encourage you to make a small, lasting change to your routine today that brings you joy. We have to live fully while we are here. Call an old friend. Find time to laugh so hard that you cry. Breathe deeply and love completely!

Have a great weekend everyone,