I am very guilty of worrying too much.  I have a feeling that I am not alone. We are conditioned to worry. The news that we watch everyday, tells us about things that are happening in the world, that we can do very little about. Shootings. Storms. Accidents. Tragedies of all kinds fill our thoughts, as we get ready to head out into the world for the day. I am certain that this adds to our daily stress levels.

I wonder what our experience in the world would be like, if we saw as many positive news stories as negative ones.  I know that the news I watch tries to throw in one “feel good” story every broadcast but what if it was a 50/50 split of good news and bad news. I have a feeling that our worrying would stop.

My message today is that this constant pattern of worrying can manifest in our health. We are being bombarded by bad news all day long and as a result, we tend to think the worst when it comes to our own situations. I have seen it in my own life as I battle dermatitis herpetiformis. At times, I have imagined the worst and in doing so, I am certain that I have made my condition worse.

It is incredibly hard to stay positive when we are facing a health challenge. All I know is that over the last two weeks, I have tried to change my whole outlook on my situation. I am trying to see how far I have come, instead of focusing on how bad it could get.

If you are struggling with something, sit for a minute and think of how far you have come. Focus on one positive accomplishment, no matter how small and take it from there. Spend the day being grateful for that one thing. In time, you will have more things to be grateful for and hopefully your condition will improve.

P.S.  Perhaps we should all turn off the news! If we really need to know something, we will be told.

Have a great day everyone.