Today’s message is one that you probably don’t want to hear.

How are you feeling?

Most people quickly say, “fine, you?”

Very few people actually take a second to think about or tell others how they are really feeling, and this is a huge problem when you are trying to make big changes in your body.

For the most part, weight loss is a mind game.  You have to learn to trick yourself into avoiding poor choices. You have to tell yourself you do not want that chocolate bar but a bunch of broccoli instead!

The trouble is, you can only trick your mind so much before “feelings” start to crowd back in.  You have to address the issues that are causing you to make poor choices to begin with.

I see it all of the time. Clients want to pay the club or me, and then they can say that they have a personal trainer or a that they belong to a gym.  This fact can be thrown around at parties or in casual conversation and it goes something like this: “Ya, you know I am doing everything I can. I joined the gym. I have a trainer but nothing changes!”

My question to you then is, “is your mind in it?”

I have been doing this gig for a very long time and the absolute truth of the matter is this: if you are not tuned in to your mental state. You will not achieve your goals.

I guarantee you that you cannot simply tell me you want to lose weight and expect it to happen, unless you take a really long, honest look at why you are overweight to begin with.

Yes, it has a lot to do with “what” you are eating.
Yes, it has a lot to do with “how” you are exercising.
Yes, it has a lot to do with “family history” and “disease.”

But I have seen clients do all of the right things and still have troubles and then through more questioning I discover that they are sad; stressed; or even depressed. That they are very unhappy in their life. And as a result of these feelings, they have destructive habits that are sabotaging their hard work.

People fail to admit that they drink too much alcohol which is incredibly fattening and dehydrating.
People fail to tell me that they get up in the middle of the night and binge on whatever their favourite junk food is.
People fail to admit to me that they have not done the workout as prescribed because they feel so badly they gave up last week.

You have to be honest with your personal trainer and more importantly with yourself.

Oh and let me make one thing clear. We all have skeletons in our closet. All of us need to work on getting more in tune with our mental state.  

No one gets a free pass.

I encourage you to spend as much time taking care of your mental state, as you do on exercises for you body.

I am constantly reading self help books to make sure that my mind is in the game as much as my body.

You body and mind are tools.  They both need to be cared for. You invest a lot of time in your body.
Starting today, begin to invest in the health of your mind.

The self help section is loaded with resources to help you navigate the world of your “feelings.”

Give it a try. You might be surprised at the results.

Have a great day everyone.