I am amazed by you, my students, who manage to get yourself to class without fail and I want to know how you do it?

How do you stay motivated particularly in the colder months to get to the gym day in and day out?

I can tell you what I see but if you could leave me a comment or send me an email and give me your top tips for getting to the gym, I will share it with everyone.

From my point of view, I see that many of you have friends in your favorite classes who keep you accountable. The social aspect of working out in group fitness motivates many people to maintain a routine. People often meet at exercise class and then go for coffee or lunch.

I have at least 4 students who simply have to exercise or their arthritis takes a hold. For them it is easier to move than to seize up and be unable to do daily activities so they rarely miss a class.

I know that many of you chase the exercise ‘high.” That wonderful feeling when endorphins are released after a good hard workout. I feel invincible after my day. Full of energy and I when I wake up in the morning stiff from the day before, I know that once I get moving I will feel amazing, so that keeps me going!

Personally, I am motivated by your passion to keep fit. I know that many of you depend on your teachers to be there to deliver the class that you love so I do my best to never cancel or miss a workout with all of you.

The summer is over and the weather is becoming more winter like with each passing day. I know that a number of you will be heading to Florida in a few weeks as that is how you keep going at this time of year. I will miss you but I have also noticed that the outdoor enthusiasts have returned to class because tennis and biking has ended.

This time of year is bitter sweet for me.

Share your top tips of staying active in the winter and I will share them next week!

See you soon,