“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” 
 – Pema Chodron.

This is one of my favourite quotes and it is so appropriate with the recent celebration of Mother’s Day.

Stress and unhappiness show up in our lives, when we are constantly trying to keep things in our lives the same.

The only constant, is constant change.  The seasons change ( if you live in Canada, you are saying “thank God,”) our babies become adults and we grow older. Things are constantly moving despite our attempts to nail stuff down and keep everything ‘perfect.’

If you were at the gym with me yesterday, you know that we have been thrown out of our ‘nest.’  They are replacing the roof that has been leaking for many years.  We have all been complaining about this and finally it is being fixed but in order for that to happen, we were tossed out of our routine, our comfort zone, our nest.

I love watching people’s reaction to change.

Some people are so flexible, others allow themselves to be upset. Our reactions to any event in our lives, are an indication to how we are feeling inside. Does our blood pressure get dangerously high? Do we get chest pains? Do we reach for junk food or alcohol to self soothe? Learning how to deal with the stress of change can help us to improve our health.

If you arrive as I did at work yesterday, and all that you had planned is no longer appropriate and you must start over again, what is your first reaction?

Do you swear?  Do you become angry at the world for once again “letting you down?” Do you consider your day ruined and carry it with you all day, talking about it with any co-worker that you can find?

Or do you laugh and get on with living, using all of the skills you have, to make everyone’s day around you, the best that it can be?

 This book by Pema Chondron is a wonderful addition to any library.  I bought it when my life was in disarray and it really helped me to get through some difficult times. I was working so hard to create the perfect life, when suddenly I had become the main caregiver of my father.  I grew very depressed at having to give up all of my plans.  Pema’s book, taught me to learn to embrace change and find joy there!

Use your unique set of skills, to help people have a fabulous day today! In the process, you will have a great day as well.

FYI, I could not get the photo of the book cover to straighten out and instead of getting upset, I posted it as it showed up! :))

See you soon.