I ask this as a serious question because personal trainers are judged constantly by the success of their clients, but your success (should you be looking to get fit) is directly related to how committed you are to the process of getting into better physical shape.

For example, how would you go about hiring a trainer? After ensuring that the trainer in question holds up to date credentials, you would then want to pick someone who comes highly recommended. Maybe this trainer helped a friend of yours to shed unwanted weight. Trainers are judged by the quality of the product that we put out. However, it works both ways. Trainers need to be choosy about who they select to train because in the end, we are only hired if we have been successful.

Years ago, I slowed down my personal training business in favor of small group personal training because I was lousy at choosing clients.  I was too eager to help everyone and I quickly learned that there are two types of people. Those who are willing to put in the hard, challenging work no matter how they feel on any given day, and those who want to say that they are working with a trainer, but really they cancel more than they sweat.

Commitment is the most important part of fitness training which means that even when you don’t feel like it, you must tie on those shoes and get to the session.Trainers are committing their time to you and you must commit in equal measure. Yes, I understand that life gets in the way but what I know for sure is when you begin to miss training sessions, for less than important reasons, you are setting yourself up for failure.

As I said, I rarely do one on one sessions now because I grew tired of cancellations for lame reasons. That is the honest truth. The small group environment has a built in mechanism called ‘accountability’. When someone misses class, I don’t need to say a thing. The other members of the group do all the talking and supporting for me. “Where were you?” “We missed you?” “Hey, see you next week right?”

Some clients prefer to train when there a few people in the group because they can see each other’s progress and this motivates them to continue. It can also be motivating to be around your peers and measure yourself up. “Oh wow, I need to up my game” or “Okay, I am not doing too badly. I can keep going!”

I am so lucky that the small groups that I started years ago still continue today. The members are very supportive, kind and completely committed to the process of getting into shape. No excuses! And we laugh so much that working out is fun. Really fun!

Find what works for you and commit today!

See you soon,