While packing up my equipment after class I overheard an interesting conversation between two of my students. One was expressing the frustration he feels over the standard answer that we all give to the question, “how are you?”

Most of us say, “fine” even if we are not fine. Maybe we do this because time is short or because we don’t want to focus on how poorly we are feeling. Some of us do not want others to know too much about us. ¬†All of these reasons are acceptable and personal.

Society bombs us regularly with images of the perfect family, perfect body, perfect car, perfect house and the perfect life and it takes great courage to ignore this and speak out against all of it by being real.

I came across this quote recently from – thisislovelifequotes.com

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

I am inspired daily by what I see in the classroom. I am lucky to know many of the health battles that you are facing and I see how you overcome obstacles and keep going. I have faced many injuries over my 18 year career but I have overcome each of them and been able to keep doing what I love because I see what many of you have been able to accomplish. You have encouraged me!

Perhaps we just need to share our struggles a bit more so that we can encourage others by showing them that life is far from perfect.

So how are you?

See you soon,