I teach a chair muscle conditioning class in which we often sit to lift our weights but we also use the chair for balance during the standing exercises. Despite the use of the chair, my students work very hard and they are fit!

A funny thing happened last week that is still making me laugh and smile.

The building that I work in has an extensive children’s program and there was an event for parents and their kids taking place beside my fitness room. I had left the room for a minute while the students were setting up their chairs and when I returned to sit down and get started, I noticed that there were several chairs set up but not in use in the middle of the room.

Whenever I notice an empty chair it concerns me, as it means that someone may have left in distress but ten or so empty chairs is bizarre to say the least! I asked everyone what was going on?

The students started to laugh and explain that a young man, who was waiting in the hallway for the other program, came into our class and began setting up chairs at random. He had been watching my students take chairs off of the dolly and of course he saw that there was a need and he jumped in for the rescue. It was clear that he was trying to help and he had no idea that this was a fitness class.

We took a few minutes to giggle and then praise the young man for jumping in to the aid of seniors but I had to ask my very fit crowd how often this happens to them in their daily lives? How often does someone younger offer to help them lift or carry something? Does this bother them?

What came out of the conversation was the message that they are not insulted when anyone offers assistance. Some seniors mentioned that it does not happen often enough, so when it does they are very grateful and they make certain to thank the person properly.

It doesn’t really matter if someone is helping you because they think you are ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ to handle something.

What matters most is that people are offering to help one another.

This was a refreshing moment last week. Too often we are rushing and walking right by people in need. Taking a moment to smile and offer a hand to another human being makes everyone feel wonderful.

We need to do more of this!

Have a great day everyone.