While browsing the books at Chapter’s yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the number of books promising ‘quick fix’ solutions to all weight loss issues. What struck me is the focus on speed. Almost all diet or exercise books promise to help you achieve your goals, with a very short time investment from you.

I’ve had many clients tell me that they have no time to exercise. These ‘quick fix’ books are trying to attract clients who want a fit body but don’t want to put in the time. They seem to want it for nothing and they are willing to buy any book that promises them it is possible.

The cold hard truth is there is no quick solution. Losing weight is hard and it takes commitment on many different levels that require time and energy. While a trainer can make a program for you that is condensed to fit your lifestyle, sustainable change involves alterations to your whole routine.

The simple fact is you have to move more and eat less.

You must exercise and fuel your body with the proper foods that will satisfy your appetite and will give you energy to be active. You cannot expect to lose weight by exercising for just ten minutes every morning, keep eating whatever you want and then sit for ten to twelve hours a day. I am not fond of book titles that make unrealistic promises, so be wary.

There is no magic pill that replaces exercise and proper eating.

From my experience it’s the clients who build their lives around their exercise routine, who have the most success. They select the classes that they want to attend or the physical activity that they will do every day and then they never let anything interrupt that commitment.

I have also found that the clients who join a gym, have more success than the clients who try to do it on their own at home. Inevitably home life gets in the way of the workout in the living room.

The only good thing about these books is that they get people thinking and moving, even if it is just for minutes a day. My hope is that it will move them to speak to a trainer at the gym or join a class.  Often it is knowing that we have a gym to go to and that people are expecting to see us, that keeps us on track with our exercise goals.

I am very proud of my students who are fully committed to their workouts. I know how hard it is but I think you also know that the real benefit comes when we begin to feel so good, that we cannot imagine giving up!

See you soon,