My oldest son often says, “have a good adventure” whenever he is leaving us and I know that it is his way of reminding us that life is meant to be lived. The photo above is of one of my students, many years ago. She was 70 when she decided to try to stand on the back of the horse. For the record, none of the younger people on this particular adventure would attempt this stunt. She was very proud of herself and I was proud that she had both the courage and the strength to perform this trick.

We all have dreams and fear often prevents us from trying to make them come true. For me, a fear of failure holds me back from attempting to realize some of my wildest dreams, even though I have managed to achieve many of my goals. There is still a little voice in my head, “Negative Nelly,” who tells me that I’m not good enough and that I should just sit down and be quiet and not even try.

I’m lucky that I have good friends and family who support and encourage me to keep pushing forward and today, this blog is dedicated to my youngest son, who has just left on a great adventure to Japan.

Jesse secured a job at a ski resort and is now working at one of the mountains in the world that gets the most snow. A dream come true! He spent the last two years studying Ski Hill Management and Operations, in British Columbia, which was an adventure on its own. He graduated with honors and is now putting his knowledge to use on the other side of the world. What an adventure!

Conditions are less than ideal on this particular adventure but I know that Jesse is going to live his dream to the fullest as he always does. Life is meant to be messy and we are meant to jump in with both feet and get dirty. In speaking with my oldest son about the ‘less than ideal’ conditions that Jesse is under right now, his response to me was, “adventures are not supposed to be comfortable.”

My kids are so wise.

Of course we will be uncomfortable when we step out of our routine into the wide world. That is where the magic happens. This is where we get to know who we are and what we can achieve. This is the real test of our character.

This fall I launched several new projects and even though I have felt like giving up at times, I need to use my kids as a beacon of hope.

Our best lives are found in those uncomfortable places. I would go so far as to say, that when we are too comfortable, it’s probably time to get out on another adventure.

Bravo Jesse. We love you and we are behind you 100%.

See you soon,