I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. People come to my classes to get in shape and a week or two of non-stop candy consumption can really throw a wrench in people’s progress. That being said, it is fun to throw up our hands once a year and have fun!

Typically, the students in my classes don’t get very excited about Halloween. I’m referring to people whose average age is 65-70 years young.

In years passed, I have asked students to come to class dressed up and a few have surprised me with their awesome costumes but the older they get, the less interest they have in this holiday.

So this year, I decided to inject a bit of humor into my classes that took place on Halloween and get really dressed up!

My costume this year: Confused Mrs. Clause. “Isn’t it December 25th? Where are the presents? Where are the candy canes?”

I actually taught my muscle conditioning class and my dance class in this outfit, minus the heels for safety. Yes, squats and weight lifting included. It made everyone laugh, especially myself!

To me, the healthiest part of Halloween are the belly laughs. The joy that comes from seeing someone else be silly. Even if you don’t like to dress up yourself, it feels good to laugh and those endorphins help us to spread joy throughout the rest of the day, which is good for the world in general.

It felt good to be silly. To be honest, it was quite liberating doing the class in a dress ha, ha.

I hope that you had a chance to be silly this year. Life can be tough so we need to make opportunities to have some laughs.

I believe that my job is not only to get people in shape, but to help them to have fun while doing it!

See you soon,