My students regularly share their personal stories with me and I’m most inspired when someone tells me how exercise has improved their life. I can see first hand how strong and flexible my students are in class but I love hearing how the movements that we practice so often affect their daily activities.

Many people tell me how regular exercise improves their sport performace but I also hear plenty of ‘near miss’ stories or stories where disaster was avoided.

Last week, one of my students avoided serious injury and she believes that exercise class was the reason! She was returning home from a workout at the gym when she slipped on a freshly stained deck surface. There was no sign or rope to mark off the area and so she proceeded to walk across it normally but quickly found herself off balance. She was very happy to tell me that her legs were strong enough to keep her from doing the splits and I would add that all of the balance work that we have been doing in class over the last year added to her stability.

Injuries happen when rarely used muscles are called upon to work quickly, under load. Because we have been strengthening her inner thighs, knees, hips and core muscles her body was ready to catch her and keep her safe. This news makes me very happy!

A few days ago, another of my students caught his toe on the edge of something as he was exiting class but he was able to quickly get his leg out in front to catch himself before hitting the ground. I know that in his case all of the work that we have been doing in Essentrics to keep his hips flexible allowed him to move with fluidity to avoid injury.

And still another one of my students was rushing down her driveway to get to the car two weeks ago when her foot sunk down into a hole causing her to trip. Her ankle was sprained but not broken and she believes that all of the foot strengthening that we have been doing in Essentrics saved her from spending the summer in a cast. She also recovered very quickly and was back in class one week later!

If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you need to formally exercise, please know that taking care of yourself and all of your muscles is incredibly valuable in more ways than one. Get to class!

I love hearing these stories. Keep them coming.

Have a great day. See you soon.