One of my students, who began exercising with me in the spring of 2016, was attending quite regularly until the beginning of 2017 when her husband fell ill. She had to take most of the winter session off from exercise. I know that many of you have been through similar interruptions in your exercise routines and I’m always glad to see you return. This lady returned with just three weeks remaining in the session and decided to try my Level 1 Line Dance class.

Last week, she expressed frustration that everyone else knows the dances and that she feels like a ‘lost cause.’ Please know that when you join a class that has been in progress for 9 weeks, you have to give yourself some time to get comfortable with the exercises or choreography, no matter what type of class is being taught.

In all of my classes, my plan is to increase your abilities over the 12 week period. Some classes progress a bit slower than others, depending on the overall level of the students as a whole, but for the most part the last few classes in the session will be quite challenging compared to the initial two weeks. Remember that group fitness training is different than personal training. If you ever feel like you need more of a challenge, hire a personal trainer to give you training tips that are specific to your needs.

We are in the last week of the winter session. You have all worked very hard to master the moves and keep up to the challenges. I am very proud of what we have accomplished this winter and I look forward to the next session.

See you soon,