I am amazed how negative the news is of late. It would appear that the whole world has gone crazy and that we are all carrying guns or bombs, ready to annihilate anyone who disagrees with our world view.

Yesterday, I listened to a social worker tell parents to turn off the television during the day, so that kids are not impacted by the negative images.

He was expressing how young children think that the images of the attack that took place days ago are happening again. They cannot distinguish the difference and because the news stations choose to show us the same violent images over and over again, this causes stress in little children because they think it is happening at this very moment. This may impact kids but I believe it impacts adults as well.

I am convinced that all of us are negatively impacted by these reports that tell us stuff we are already know, alongside horrible pictures, that have been displayed a million times.

Be mindful about the amount of negative news that you are taking in, as it truly can make us unnecessarily fearful. Fear causes stress and too much stress can make us sick.

Of course we need to stay informed but do we really need to hear it over and over again? I think not. Consider what impacts your day the most and focus on knowing what you need to know, to go about your day.

Lets focus our energy on leaving the space that we enter, better than it was before we arrived! Smile more. Laugh out loud and spread positivity! I am beginning to sound like a holiday greeting card. I apologize.

Keep your life in balance.
Have a great day everyone.