One of our closest friends, Nielsen, made this card for us as part of his wedding present. Since we just celebrated our 26th anniversary yesterday, I wanted to speak a bit about this quote from Longfellow.

Nielsen has no idea that this card sits beside our engagement photo, in our room and that we see it everyday.  As time has passed, these words have come to me a lot to me.

I wear my heart on my sleeve (or shirt as in one of my prior blog posts).  At times, this has caused me pain but more often than not I have been lead to meet wonderful people or have positive experiences.

The times that have been disappointing, were the occasions where I trusted someone who ended up being completely interested in their own agenda.  If I am completely honest with myself and if I put down my ego for a
second, I can admit that I did not follow my first instinct in these cases. I was probably motivated by greed or power of some kind. Why else would I let my survival instinct be blurred? We get dazzled by promises sometimes.

I have followed my heart in my career choice. I look around me sometimes and smile, wondering how it is that I get to have so much fun at work! I love helping and teaching. I cannot imagine doing anything else!

As for my marriage, I knew as soon as I met Peter, that he was the one I was going to marry. It took him a bit longer to figure this out but eventually we knew from dating other people that we really were a suitable match.

Often how we feel, is the only indication we get, as to whether we should or should not follow a path.You have to follow your heart to find happiness in all aspects of your life.

Laughter is a great indication of if you are on the right path.  Peter certainly makes me laugh.

Have a fabulous day!