One of my students taught me something very important years ago. Whenever I visited her home, she always had fresh cut flowers on her dining room table.  I was very impressed so I asked her about it.  She told me that she loves flowers and instead of waiting for her husband to buy them for her once or twice a year and being disappointed if he didn’t, she buys them for herself! They make her happy and a happy wife/partner is a good partner.

I took this message to heart.  I have been married for 26 years next Wednesday and there have certainly been times when Peter may have forgotten to bring home flowers.  In reality he was simply too busy working hard to make money, to put actual food on the table and I probably felt slighted in some silly way.The pressure we sometimes put on men to be romantic can be a bit much. My student is also a social worker and she is very good at pointing out how hard men work in marriages and how that often gets overlooked by women. Sometimes we just need to change our perspective to find appreciation for each other.

I may not have money to buy flowers for myself every week, but in the summer I do have a garden and I grow roses.  They are not fancy and I am not a great gardener but this one plant in particular gives me several flowers in June and July.  Now I just need to plant other varieties that bloom the rest of the summer and I will be all set!

So I am sharing the flowers above with you in case you need a lift today. The neat thing about these ones in particular is that the three flowers are coming from one stalk.

There is probably some deep hidden message in there for me somewhere…ha,ha.  They simply make me happy.

Have a great weekend everyone and take some time to smell the roses…( I could not resist!)