While on my way to work yesterday morning I heard an interview with Dr. Mitch Shulman on CJAD. Dr. Mitch was stating his concern that though fitness trackers are great for motivating us to exercise often, we need to be careful if we are using the calorie counting component of this popular gadget.

The fitness trackers are meant to be used by the general population and they are not necessarily calibrated specifically to your body type. For instance, someone who is heavier, may burn more calories while walking the same distance as someone who is lighter, simply because they are carrying more weight over the same distance and time period. The danger lies in us thinking that if we have burned x amount of calories in our exercise session, we can have that second piece of dessert and not gain any weight. This may indeed be false and result in unwanted weight gain.

It is better to discuss your calorie needs with a registered nutritionist to know exactly how many calories you need to consume, and how many you need to lose, in order to achieve your specific fitness goals.

In my humble opinion, no machine can replace personalized, professional service. Know the limits of your tracker and use it wisely and always seek the advice of trained pro’s.

Listen to this interview with Dr. Mitch at the following link:   http://fw.to/WfY3WLa

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