Yesterday, I was reading through an old magazine and I found the following fitness test.

I work primarily with people who are 50 years old and older and I have to say that most of my clients can do all of the tests above quite easily. In my classes, we perform Sit-Ups by lifting our shoulders and head about 30 degrees off of the mat. No full roll ups. Be careful when doing the hip flexibility test if you have lower back pain or problems.  The tests are a fun way to see where you are at physically but are in no way a complete measure of fitness.

Another popular test that has come out as of late is the Stand-Sit Test. I have included a link that sends you to the Reader’s Digest website where they tell you how to perform the test and score yourself. The idea is that we should be able to sit and then stand again without using our hands. I had my students try this one day and I have to admit that it was hard for a number of them.

The older the client attempting this test, the more likely they are to have some prior injury or physical ailment that could prevent them from achieving complete success. If you can do this test then I am happy. If you are under forty and cannot do this and have no physical injury or disease, than in my opinion you need to work on your strength, balance and flexibility pronto!

What is more important to me than fitness tests is your overall health and happiness. Are you active and trying to eat a balanced diet? Are you stressed and if so are you trying to find ways to release tension? Are you socially active and laughing regularly? Is there variety in your weekly workouts?

I recently read a Tibetan Proverb that made me smile.

“The secret to living well and longer is:
Eat half,
Walk double,
Laugh triple
And love without measure.”

Don’t stress about your ability or inability to perform fitness tests. The idea is to get you moving in the right direction. Look at these challenges as something to help you improve any weaknesses you may discover.

Have a great day.