As I move about my day, I see many people who need to exercise.  I see young people who are carrying a dangerous amount of excess weight. I see middle aged people who have let themselves go for whatever reason and are now complaining of sore knees and backs. I come across seniors who think that golfing,  curling and walking is all that they need to do to be fit.

Unless I am approached, I keep my thoughts to myself but I walk away with a lingering dread for these individuals.  There is no “free pass” people.  If you have no symptoms of disease or degeneration yet, that is great news but chances are there is something building if you are overweight and inactive. You need to find your motivation to get into fitness and ward off the problems that all of us face eventually. You may be in formal exercise classes but still carrying excess weight. I am so happy that you are in class but perhaps you need to investigate your nutritional habits and see if there is something you can do to improve your health.

For instance, as a senior, life may be going along quite smoothly and then you may start experiencing falls for no apparent reason. ( I heard of two serious falls from different classes just last week). If your muscles and balance are weak when this stage hits, you may suffer greater consequences from falls. You may break bones or tear muscles or ligaments and those will take longer to heal if you are out of shape. All of the above will take you out of your routine and away from your favoured activities. Life changes in an instant and my policy has always been to make sure that my clients are prepared for these situations.

My point is do you really want to be the person whose story sounds something like this: “well I ended up in the emergency, I guess I should’ve been taking better care of myself!”

Should’ve. Would’ve. Could’ve. I hear it too often. The good news is when I am hearing it, it usually means someone is joining my classes and starting to make a difference in their lives.

Find your motivation to make healthy habits before tragedy strikes.

Do not wait for your doctor to tell you that you need to get on medication to improve your health. Instead ask them if you are clear to start going to fitness classes!

Make a change today!

See you soon,