My husband is a very hard worker. Peter does renovations for people as a career.  He has built us two houses from the ground up and he fixes all of our cars in his spare time ( 5 cars in the family.)  His hands are “working hands,” as we like to call them in the family. He does not have the soft hands of a man who works in an office.

Yesterday, we were sitting having coffee at the kitchen table and I caught a glimpse of one of his many work related wounds. He had clobbered his finger I guess during a job but he actually could not remember the details because it had been so long ago. If you look closely you will see that the bruise has turned into a heart.

I keep my eyes open for hearts as little signs from the universe that all is truly right in the world.  The fact that my husband has this heart on his finger makes me smile as he is the most generous, kind loving man you will ever meet. He stops on the side of the road for anyone who is in trouble. He gives rides to hitchhikers and loves to tell me about the people he encounters and their tales. He gives his lunch to homeless people if he happens to meet someone in need. He has given his sweater to a man who was in distress on the pavement. The man had fallen and while waiting for the ambulance Peter held his hand and put his sweater under the man’s head and once help arrived, Peter left the scene. It was January.

I could go on and on. The heart is fading slowly from his finger tip but his heart is as big as ever to me and everyone who is lucky to call him friend.

Have a great day everyone and look for the hearts. They are literally everywhere and it will make you smile when you find them.