Yes, it happens. Passing gas or as it is commonly called, farting, happens to the best of people, in all of my classes.

I am actually happy for the students when it happens.  We all feel the urge to laugh because it is funny of course but on a more serious note, it has relieved that client of some built up tension and that is one of the benefits of yoga/stretch/fitness. No kidding. It feels great and if you can laugh at yourself a bit, that is great too!

This photo was taken in Florida in 2013. It is called a “Prayer Twisting Lunge,” and it is one of my favourites. If you are in my “Chair Stretch“ class we do this on the edge of the chair, using just our upper bodies and if you are in my Matt Stretch and Relax“ class we can also do this with the back knee on the ground and under our hip. We always make sure we are warmed up before heading into this pose and if something feels wrong, we stop.

As Beth Shaw explains, in her yoga course, “ this great detoxifying pose allows us to not only stretch and strengthen the core muscles-front, back and sides, it also creates a rinsing effect for our organs. The compression effect against our midsection allows fresh blood flow to move into the area upon the release of the twist improving digestion and immunity.“

Some people question whether the above statement is actually true. After practicing yoga for years, I see how great it is to move trapped gases out of the body and how relaxing it feels afterwards to be free of digestion problems. In fact, if I burp during class, it will occur to me that perhaps that is why I had been feeling a bit grumpy or cranky.

If you are suffering from some digestive issues, try taking a beginner level yoga class and see how you feel afterwards and do not be embarrassed should you fart.  It happens to all of us.

Have a great day everyone,