On the long weekend I had the pleasure of spending it with extended family. We all tend to get so busy with work and life that we forget about making time for visiting with nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles.

When  we do manage to get together we always take a family photo but this time I also suggested that we take a picture of our feet in a circle.

I had seen this in a magazine once and have always wanted to try it. Well I have to say that many members of the family thought that this was a weird request. I had people panicking about the state of their feet and others just wondering if I had lost my marbles.  Once we got everyone down on the ground and squished in close, I saw the magic happen as we formed a feet flower.  I was instantly thrilled with the picture and actually they all loved it as well.

There are all ages of people in this photo. No one has to worry about their hair or their clothes or their makeup. We know where we are in the circle and we all know how connected each of us is to the person beside us. Together we are family and that is all that matters!

Have a great weekend.