I’ve ready many books this summer and one of the most interesting was written by Mark Wolynn, “It Didn’t Start With You.”

The premise behind Mark’s book is that the roots of our anxiety, phobias and depression etc., may reside “in the lives of our parents, grandparents and even our great-grandparents” and that “traumatic experience can be inherited.”

This book forced me to sit down and really examine my family tree and put myself in the shoes of my ancestors. It has been a fascinating journey so far and I have come to understand the importance of knowing our history.

My grandmother was sent to Canada in 1900 at the age of 12 years old, with her younger brother, to find a better life. These two children arrived in Montreal as Home Children. They were immediately separated and she never saw her brother again.

My grandmother went on to forge a wonderful life but I can certainly see how this experience shaped my own mother. Mark suggests that if we know what happened in our family tree, we can begin to see the ripple effects on subsequent generations. We can start to identify patterns and in so doing, bring about change.

I have spoken about the effects of stress on our bodies and minds many times on the pages of this blog. Perhaps this book can help you to dig a bit deeper and help to bring balance to your life.

Have a great day,