As many of you know, I have started a new job teaching English to Adult students, who need this course to obtain their high school diploma.  The students I am working with are for the most part wonderful kids who just need a second chance to move on with their lives.

Last week, they all did oral presentations in front of the class and yesterday I gave them their grades. The class average was 80% but there were a few who barely passed.  In speaking with these kids in particular, I told them that their body language during the presentation was giving off a vibe that they were shy or afraid and that the reading of their cue cards with heads down, made them impossible to hear.

I know that some of the kids were terrified to be at the front of the class. As I spend 20+ hours a week speaking to crowds, I know how stressful this can be but part of being successful is believing in yourself!  I told them to “fake it until they make it.” 

I had to explain this statement to mean that at times in life our coach or our boss may ask us if we can do something for the team. We may be worried about the outcome but our leader does not want to hear that we cannot do it. If we act worried, he/she may question why we were selected for the job and regret this decision! We have to try and try our best. We have to believe that we can do something and walk with an air of confidence. This is half the battle.  In time, the rest will come with hard work!

When my fitness students are learning a new aerobic routine or dance, we have to stumble through the steps and practice to get the movements just right. During the weekly classes, we must believe that we can achieve our goals before we even try. If you tell yourself you “cannot” do something, you will not do it for sure. The choice is up to you..

See you soon where we will be faking the moves together until we get them just right!

Have a great day,