We had a wonderful first day back at the gym.  The classes were packed, despite the freezing cold temperatures!  Bravo to everyone who braved the cold and stuck to their commitment to get fit.

We have a few newcomers to the gym this year. Yesterday, in one of my classes I watched a lady walk into my Stability Ball class with determination. I was busy helping another student so I was hoping that one of my regular students would introduce themselves.  I watched as she looked around, clearly lost as to what to do. She scanned the room while walking, looking for the equipment. She did a circle in the middle and then started to walk out.  I quickly finished what I was doing and started motioning to my students to speak to her as I have a bit of an injury presently and cannot walk especially fast. To my surprise, everyone was so absorbed in their discussions, that no one reached out to this poor woman, who was about to give up before she even began.

I did catch up to he,r as I managed to yell out “hello!” Remember that it is very hard to be new to the gym.

We are all very excited to be back with our friends and we have so many wonderful tales to tell about our time off.  I just ask that we look out for the newcomers and give them a smile and say “hello.”  This is all it takes to make someone feel welcome and once that is done, then I can work my magic and make them stay!

My classes are very full and I do my best to get to everyone but when you see I am busy helping a student who is new to the gym, please take it upon yourself, as the experienced senior student, to welcome them and bring them to me for an introduction! You must remember what your first day felt like!  Smiles are free and so welcome!

Great first day!

See you soon,