My struggle as a trainer is trying to convince people that they need to exercise for tomorrow, when today looks just fine.

We need to start looking at exercise as insurance against the threats that exist to our health. We all buy car and house insurance just in case something terrible happens, so that we will be covered and better able to handle the situation. It is the same for exercise. Making sure that your body is in top shape will ensure that your body is better able to handle any issues that come your way.

I learned last week that one of my neighbours had a stroke a few months ago. He is in his early sixties. He is paralyzed on one side of the body and unable to speak. This has been bothering me ever since I learned the news because over ten years ago, I pleaded with him to start exercising. I could see the toll that work stress was taking on his body but he saw no need to fit fitness into his busy life.

I know that there are no guarantees that exercise will prevent us from getting sick or injured but I know that your recovery time will be shorter and easier, if you head into stressful situations in good physical condition.

The time to start exercising is when you think you don’t need it or when you feel you have no time.

Chances are you are physically able to join classes at the gym and all you need to do is organize your time better to take care of yourself.

Let’s do this!

See you soon,