Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many new students into my fitness classes.

One meeting in particular, has reminded me that no matter how we look on the outside, all of us are fighting some sort of battle and because of this, we should never assume or judge anyone before we get to know them.

A lovely lady, who I am guessing is passed the young age of 75, participated quietly in my class on the first day.  She stood out to me because she reminded me of my Mother who passed away 8 years ago.  She has beautiful blue eyes, bright red lips and freckles and the warmest smile that you can imagine.

On the second day, she came right up to me to tell me that while she loved my class, she could not continue for the next month.  When I asked why, she told me that the hospital had called and that she had to go in for extensive treatments. The details do not matter.  What struck me was her mood.  I expressed my concern for her situation and wished her well.  She then asked me if I have a DVD that she could buy and follow while away from class.  I told her that I have been working on one for years but have not finalized this project because I am too busy working. I told her that during this time, she should be thinking about recovering and not working out.

With a big bright smile, she said, ” oh I am not the least bit worried about my health but I think that it is time you got a DVD together don’t you?”

I laughed because now not only did she look like my Mom but she sounded just like her as well!

My Mother suffered from a number of health problems.  Shortly before she died she had lost vision in one eye.  She asked me to take her to the eye doctor and when we got there he chastised us for coming, told my mother that she would never see again out of that eye and said that she should have gone directly to the hospital when it had first happened two days prior.   Actually, he told me to tell my mother, who was two feet away, that she would never see again.  What a terrible bedside manner this man had.

At any rate, my mother was not the least bit fazed. I was freaking out, texting my sister and all my mother wanted to do was to go and have potatoe soup at La Baton Rouge.

No matter what we look like on the outside, we all are struggling with some sort of situation. We therefore all need to be treated with respect, kindness and love.  My Mom is the perfect example of someone who did not show her struggles on the outside.  We can all smile and get through the day but just because we seem to have life all under control, we can never assume what life is like for anyone.

Have a great day everyone!