Pancakes are tasty but conflict is not and that is the subject for today’s blog.

Since Monday, I have witnessed two separate incidences at the gym and it lead me to wonder what might be the cause. The famous Dr. Phil has said on many occasions that if there is one thing he knows for sure it’s that “even a pancake has two sides.”

When I witness conflict over equipment or spaces at the gym, I often see both sides of the situation but not in the way you may think.

I often know the back stories of what is going on in people’s lives and can see quite clearly what might be causing someone to lash out at another participant. Usually it has nothing to do with the equipment or even the space. The way that we relate to each other when we are under stress can turn a simple misstep into a dramatic conflict, and like Dr. Phil often explains on his television show, we need to take ownership of our behavior in any given situation and ask ourselves if maybe we could have been more empathetic.

As a teacher, who is often giving directions and cues for the good of all, I can be the recipient of negative comments occasionally and I offend students at times if I am careless in my reaction.

If I am honest with myself I can admit that this has occurred during periods of stress in my own life or at times when the equipment that I have to use to deliver the class is not functioning properly or if my memory fails me and I cannot remember the steps to a dance! There is nothing quite as stressful as having 30-45 students watching you or your performance fall apart on stage ha, ha!

Really the message that I want you to take away from this post is that once the situation has cooled, ask yourself what really happened in that moment. And to be quite clear, sometimes standing your ground in a respectful way is the perfect way to deal with conflict.

Perhaps the answer is for us all to remember that we are human and as such we are wired to make mistakes. Learning from them is what helps us to rise above the conflict and move on.

Have a great day everyone!