Are you tired of stiff joints? Sore neck muscles? Painful knees and hips? I believe that the Essentrics full body workout may be able to alleviate your discomfort because this program re-balances all 650 muscles in the body.

After this long holiday break most of us are feeling stiff because of inactivity. We can also feel stiff from not using all of our muscles daily. We really do ‘lose it’ if we do not use it. None of our body parts are optional and each one needs to be moved the way it was designed to move or it stops functioning properly. This can lead to pain and immobility. I am thinking of those clients who avoid certain actions because ‘they just cannot do it anymore.” Perhaps Essentrics can help.

Most of the time we focus on certain body parts or components of fitness in our various classes together because it is almost impossible to get to everything in the one hour. Well Miranda Esmonde-White has designed her Essentric program to combat the muscle imbalances often created by traditional training methods.

I started my training to become an Essentrics instructor in October. I began teaching apprentice classes in my home and in the homes of friends and family last November and I am truly amazed at the changes in my body. While I was in pretty good shape when I began, I doubted whether the program would impact my health personally, simply because I believed that I had seen it all!┬áMuch to my surprise my arms are stronger and more defined to the point where someone asked me last week, “how do I get arms like yours?” In 20 years of teaching, no one has ever asked me that so I attribute it to Essentrics. I no longer have lingering back pain from an old injury years ago. Over the last year, I have been experiencing some bursitis in my hip on and off but since I began Essentrics, the pain has stopped completely. I feel taller and thinner in my mid-section and more flexible than ever before!

Keep in mind that we do not lift any weights in this type of class. We do not hold postures for long periods of time which can have a negative impact on painful joints. In fact we move continually throughout the workout along the body’s natural chains of movement. This is part of the reason that you will leave a class feeling refreshed and energized and even taller!

I have been very busy over the holiday break completing my training. I am awaiting my certification in the mail. It is a rigorous training process and very rewarding. I cannot wait to share Essentrics with you in the coming year!

See you soon,