No matter how hard we may try to ignore or fight against it, we have to accept that we are changing and aging. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop living but I run into many people who instead of embracing their current circumstances, they are mourning what was and hoping for a return to the past.

“I don’t understand what happened. I have been doing XYZ my whole life! How come I suddenly have pain or can’t perform well?

I have had the privilege of watching a number of my students handle the process of aging over the years and the number one mistake that I see is people avoiding the subtle and not subtle ways in which their body is communicating that real change is needed. Just because you have always done something, does not mean that you should keep doing it especially if your body is hurting. I am referring specifically to knee and shoulder injuries and no one person in particular by the way.

I see over 100 students a day and you would not believe the amount of people that are sad about their situation, but not working to find a solution to the problem. How many of you reading this right now have a nagging pain in one of your joints that you are not addressing because it may mean you have to change your activities?

“Oh it will go away if I just rest it a bit! I don’t need to see a Dr.”

There are so many wonderful ways in which to keep fit. To insist on doing the same activities simply because it is what you have always done, limits your potential to grow and find joy in living. I have always tried to tout the benefits of variety. It is good to explore different types of exercise so that you do not inadvertently cause an overuse injury.

Should you find that your knee or hip or shoulder can no longer golf; curl; jog or perform the way it used to, you owe it to yourself to seek healing help but then also to explore other options for keeping fit. Water aerobics; Tai Chi; Gentle Yoga and Essentrics are just a few examples of the way in which the industry tries to provide for all different tastes and levels.

You might be in amazing physical condition but have an annoying pain that just won’t go away. Take head that unless checked, it could get worse. My advice is to be on the hunt for new ways to keep moving that will be suited to your changing situation. Embrace the new you and listen to your body. Try a different activity or fitness class, you might find the answer to your pain struggles and real joy in the process.

Have a wonderful day and see you soon,