If you attend any of my classes you can see that most of the time the students like to exercise in the same spot every class. We have all laughed over the way that we honor your spot when you are away on holiday etc. I can easily take attendance by the empty spots.

I too have a spot and would hate to have to change my teaching position, so I have to be careful about insisting that people move around and try other view points. Some students have poor hearing and need to be close to me. Some people like the music to be louder so that put themselves underneath a speaker. Some students need to be near an exit. No matter what the reason, I can relate to you wanting to be in your spot for your favorite class.

If however you have no real need to be in a special area on in the room, I encourage you to move around and try another spot. You may get to know a different circle of friends. Step out of your comfort zone and explore.

Have a great day!