Many of my regular students are now returning to classes after having been on vacation for the last several weeks. Some have been away for almost a month!

Please remember that we cannot make up for that amount of lost time in our first hour back to the gym! We are not twenty anymore and we do not bounce back from accidents as quickly as we once did. While it is a bit easier to recover from two weeks off, a month is a different story.

I have had to remind a few of my students to take it easy on their first week back so that they do not injury themselves. Yes, I can see that you are happy to be back but pushing yourself too hard is not smart.

Some students feel as though they have gained weight and they want to lose it fast by working extra hard. Others seems determined to punish themselves for the fact that they took time off and enjoyed their vacation. It is totally acceptable to take a break from our fitness routines as long as we know that it will be a bit of a battle regaining our strength and endurance.

I am happy to see your enthusiasm but it is wiser to build up the intensity of your exercise gradually.

See you soon,