When you look at the front of my home you do not see a manicured lawn. I do not have incredible gardens and a paved driveway with a stone border.

I have a very humble house, in a very humble setting.

This used to bother me, as I really would worry what the neighbours were saying about our “lack of a lawn.” A wise person once said to me that “it is none of your business, what other people think of you!”  

I try to remember this as I walk through this life.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion of you. All that matters is that you live your life, being true to yourself. What is important to you is what matters.

Part of being true to myself, is caring more about my family, my health and my job and less about my lawn.  It may be full of weeds but if you look really close  ….

You will see strawberries.

Yes, they are wild strawberries and we do sit down at this time of year, in the sun and pick and eat them!  They are absolutely delicious!

As my kids were growing up, this was part of the ritual in our area.  I gave each of my wee ones a bucket and we went walking around the neighbourhood for berries of all sorts.  They grow along the sides of the streets.  Real strawberries and raspberries and blackberries. Not the tiny ones you see in my “lawn.”

I will tell you though that my daughter once collected enough of these tiny berries from the grass, to make a small pie and she was so proud of herself, as it took hours to get that many tiny treasures.

So while my life is not about glam and glitter, it is about quality.

It has taken many years to get to our stage in life but I am so happy that we focused on what we felt were the important things.Our kids are thriving out there in the world. We have done our job and now we have a bit more time for gardening, dusting off after the storm and polishing up our lives.

Yes I would love to have a polished outward appearance sometimes but if I chose to worry about those things, then I would not be true to myself.

That is what makes us all different and unique and interesting.

Have a great day everyone.