While it is important to work our muscles so that we can be functionally fit, it is also important to remember to work our heart! Balanced training is they key to good health.

For example, I had not seen a particular client of mine in a few months when suddenly we had to the chance to work together again for a brief period of time.  This gentleman is in his mid sixties and he is one of the strongest men I know. He works hard at the gym, constantly working to keep himself in good shape.

When I changed up the programming to add 8 minutes of light jogging at the beginning of the class, I was shocked to see that he was completely out of breath after 5 minutes. A year ago, he used to be able to jog for far longer. It became clear to me that he has stopped working on the cardio component of his fitness regime.

Sometimes we only do what we like to do at the gym. Perhaps it is what we find easiest. This can be a real mistake. That is why I often remind my clients, as they moan and groan, that I am not there to be their friend but to help them work through all of the components of fitness. so that they work out in a balanced manner.

Many of my students are using fitness trackers as they try to walk a certain number of steps everyday. While you are walking, try to include some interval training into your pace. Try walking at a faster pace for 15 seconds to 2 minutes, and then drop down to your normal pace, for a period of time, and repeat as you feel that you can handle it. In time you will improve your aerobic power.

My message today is to stay in tune with your overall health. Most of my students are strong and flexible. Just make certain that you can go the distance as well!

Have a fabulous day everyone!