I have been a member of Can-fit-pro ( Canadian Fitness Professionals) since 2001. I have been collecting their magazines for many years. It’s time to toss them out but I have come across some interesting articles. For the most part, it’s evident to me that the basics of fitness have not changed very much over the years.

One of the prevalent messages throughout the issues is the need for trainers to listen well and show empathy for the students. For the most part, the writers are referring to private one on one training but I believe that this is just as important when teaching group fitness classes.

As teachers we should be there to help our students achieve their goals. If the class is not able to follow an exercise safely and effectively, I have to adjust my cuing to meet their needs or abandon the exercise. Before I became a teacher, I can remember struggling to follow the choreography or the muscle conditioning component in some clases, and being completely frustrated! This is not a good feeling and so I do my best to avoid creating an environment that is chaotic and demotivating.

When clients come up to me with comments about a certain move or exercise, I listen and do my best to make adjustments if the concern is warranted.

Remember that my job is to take you out of your comfort zone safely.

Today, in Yoga Stretch, I added some new postures that took some of us out of our happy place. The reaction was swift with groans and moans and laughter. We are on week 8 of a 12 week session so it is time to explore our abilities a bit more. I always provide easier alternatives for those who are unable to attain the pose and that is why I will not take this new challenge out of the class.

I heard you, but I know that some of you are ready to a move to new level.

See you in class.