I guess because we live in the country, my husband and I have a thing for creatures big and small.  We have a stream behind our home so we often have dragonflies flying around our garden and backyard.  Occasionally they get stuck in one of our carports and instead of letting them die, we save them. This weekend I took a picture of the one my husband rescued.  Look at that face!

Last week, when I was at the spa resting in one of the solarium areas, I heard the familiar sound of a dragonfly’s wings, beating against the window pane.  There were people all around not noticing this poor fly trying to get outside.  I did not want to cause a scene or disturb people’s rest, so I waited until just two people remained in the area. I approached the fly who, by this time, was frantically trying to squeeze himself through what looked like a crack in the wall.

Most people I know would smash him to bits or ignore him altogether and let him die of starvation or exhaustion but not me, I have to make his survival my goal! I do this with spiders in my house if they are small. If they are big I have to get someone braver to pick them up. I really am a bit crazy but I hate destroying life. It makes me feel terrible.  If I am teaching and there is a bug on the floor, I get so stressed because now I have make sure I don’t accidentally step on him, as I care for all of the students in the room at the same time. What did I tell ya?  Crazy.

So as I stood at the spa window digging for him to come out of the crack, people were starting to wonder what to heck I was doing.  So I started talking to him.  “Come on now, I just want to help, do not make a fool of me. Let’s do this together.”

Well after a bit of prying, he committed to riding on my finger as I carried him away from the window. I fully expected him to freak out and head back to his hiding spot but I he stayed put. In fact, I was able to walk all around outside with him and he would not leave my hand.  I tried putting him down several times but he wanted to stay!

At this point, I could feel myself becoming red and a bit embarrassed as I walked around the hot tubs with this big bug on my hand. I was honoured that he trusted me enough to stay so long. I got a chance to take in his colours and beauty for so long. Eventually he agreed to be put down on a plant leaf and we parted ways.

The moral of this story is to listen for the little things in life.

We are so bombarded by loud noises and music and advertizing that we often cannot hear the bird singing or a dragonfly’s wings flapping.  It is quite a sound. Apparently it can fly 45 mph; it can fly backwards like a hummingbird; it can hover like a helicopter and also it can also fly straight up and down and side to side.

From what I have read, the dragonfly symbolizes change and a sense of self realization. It is seen as a symbol of power and agility, prosperity and good luck.

Next time you get the chance, enjoy the presence of this amazing creature.  They really are stunning.

Look out for the little things around you today. Breathe and take in the view. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others living like this.

Have a great day everyone,