Good Morning Everyone,

My message on this monday morning is a personal one.

You know, “you,” the best. You know, when you are in fine form and feeling fine.  When life is physically easy and pain free. 

Please do not settle for ill health as part of the aging process.

I hear this all the time.  “Oh, well I am over 40 now, so I have to accept the added pounds around the middle and the stiff joints and the sore back and knees.”

This is a myth, started by the people who hate to exercise and like to eat.  LOL.

I train people from the ages of 18 to 85.  My students who are in their senior years are flexible, strong and have great endurance because they make themselves a priority. I have been training many of them since they were 50 and they have been with me for 12 years or longer and I swear to you that they stopped aging and improved their health so much that they are now my heroes.

The added weight that you may be carrying can be eliminated. The muscles can slowly be made more flexible and your heart and lungs can be trained to get you up the stairs quickly.

But only if you do not accept poor health.

Promise yourself one thing today.  That you will look into making some changes to get back to being in fine form.

We can do this.

Have a great day!