Many of us would rather risk having an accident than change our routine. We don’t want to imagine a future where we can’t continue doing the activities that we love. For the most part, this is alright except when it involves exercising with other individuals in a group setting or when you are working with a trainer one on one.

Within the last year, I’ve had two situations in my group classes where clients were simply moving on with their lives as if nothing had changed in their health, when in fact both were dealing with very serious health concerns. As a result of them not telling me about their situation, they put themselves at risk and the clients around them.

I know that the last thing you want to do is be a bother to anyone else.

I know that you think that you can simply attend group classes and keep your medical concerns to yourself but there is already risk inherent in physical activity and it’s my job to judge whether or not you will be safe participating in your current physical state.

If you look fabulous on the outside but have noticed changes in your balance, vision or if you have had to change your medications because you’re now dealing with disease, then you really need to share this information with me, so that I can make adjustments to your training program to keep you fit and safe.

If you don’t care about your own personal safety, ┬áconsider that if you stumble during an aerobics or step class because you can no longer rely on your balance, you may fall into other people and hurt them in the process.

In all cases where clients have shared their personal struggles with me, I have made adjustments to their training that allowed them to still participate in the classes that they love.

The safety of everyone is my number one concern.

Have a great day!